Austin Area School District

What is - Classrooms for the Future?
Originally, many people thought of CFF as a “laptop” or “technology” grant. While the State has invested a tremendous amount of money in the technology for this initiative, the main goal of CFF is not technology. The main goal of CFF is for teachers and schools to fine tune their educational practices and, if necessary, restructure them to best prepare today’s students for an ever-changing future. Many of our current students will select careers which do not exist today. In order to prepare our students for such an uncertain future, we have a responsibility to ensure our lessons incorporate necessary 21st Century skills.

Does content change? Content will ONLY change for the same reasons it has in the past, not as a result of this initiative.

Does this mean all your lessons HAVE TO, or even SHOULD change? Probably not; many of the practices we use in the classroom are valid and worthy only the instructional strategy or approach may change. A lesson evaluation/reflection process will be ongoing first experimenting with a lesson or two that may just never “come off” the way we planned. The CFF grant gives us the opportunity to try out new ideas with the help of your Technology Integration Coach. Now access will be much greater to technologies such as: blogging, digital data collection and manipulation, online global classrooms, podcasting, online testing, online remediation, digital photography, webquests, web authoring, DVD authoring, and interactive whiteboards.

Make sure to check out the video describing a wiki and I hope we all can make this a very useful site.